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Scenic spots

Huadong Vineyard is located in the scenic Qingdao Laoshan Jiulongpo, covering more than 2,000 mus. The winery is intertwined with green vines, various styles of sculptures and some symbolic scenes such as the Jiulongtan Pond, the Panda Stone and the Tower. The 2,000-meter wine culture corridor spreads on Jiulongpo. All previous dynasties poems are carved on it and the Eastern and Western cultures collide here, blending, forming an elegant, inclusive, winery picture yet with personality. With unique tourism resources and unique tourist attractions, East Manor in 2002 was awarded the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites. In 2010, it became the national AAAA-class tourist attractions.

Manor experience

The winery owner - grape picking + home brew experience

Golden August to October, you personally come to the vineyard, picking full and jewel-like grapes, taking a bite of fresh fruit, and enjoying the most leisurely and healthy lifestyle. At the same time, the winery provides technical guarantee of brewing private wine and support for the wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. We invite you to brew your unique qualities of grape wine, lead you deep into the winery brewing, and allow you to become a true winery owner.

Prestigious people’s Club - - monthly wine tasting

In prestigious people’s Club, you can look forward to meet the tasting friends monthly.
View, smell, taste, seemingly simple three steps, give the most profound connotation of wine tasting. We have created a wine tasting paradise for people who really understand wine and love wine.

Style manor

The blue sky echoes the poetic gallery, swans in the swimming pool, like your most beautiful appearance! There never lacks eyes to appreciate her glamor of the landscape. The beauty lives up to expectations. We are looking forward to photography enthusiasts to come to the winery, take the good into grid, let the color of time encroach on the time to stay in the most beautiful picture.

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