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Personalized service

Wine is not only a great drink, but also a symbol of taste and identity.In order to meet the high-end users distinguished, unique consumer demand, Huadong Vineyard has launched a series of special personalized service, including personalized custom high-end wine, romantic manor wedding, and professional business services.

Tailor-made enjoyment in Huadong

Personality design

Basing on your request, Huadong vinery can design unique wine label and wine barrels message, to create personalized exclusive wines highlighting your connotation, accomplishment and preferences.

Individual possession

East China Manor will use oak barrels for individual possession, basing on your request. Dry red wine barrels storage time is generally 2-3 years. Dry white wine barrels storage time is generally 1-2 years. After the barrel storage is the bottle storage, allowing your carefully customized wine long-term preservation.

Storage and delivery

Winery will provide you with free bottled storage for 3 years, along with the access services, and can offer free shipping. The minimum amount for each delivery is 6 boxes (36 bottles).

Limited order

30-year-old vines, each limited edition 10 barrels per year. They are designed for exclusive VIP customers who love life and wine, with limited money, in exchange for endless distinguished experience.

Romantic Wedding Manor

In the movie, wine and love is eternal romantic partner, so it is in Huadong Vineyard. Everywhere can become the secret garden of your love. Affectionate embrace in the rose corridor, vows of eternal love by Swan Lake, intimacy under the grapevine, all will become meaningful memories in your love river. Huadong Vineyard has a professional wedding planning team to tailor your dream wedding and also provides you with professional wedding photography, elegant lawn wedding, refined cuisine dishes, a variety of wedding custom wine and comfortable room accommodation. We always keep in mind that a wedding exists because of the couple. So we pay attention to detail, show perfection, and make every effort to create eternal memories for each couple.

Wise choice for business banquets

Huadong Vineyard has a multi-functional conference room for 80 people which can offer you excellent services such as small and medium-sized meetings and related signing ceremony, the release ceremony, etc. At the same time there are leisure and entertainment items such as cigar bar, wine house, tea room, lounge, gym, audio-visual room and other entertainment functions.
There are a multi-functional business banquet hall, a European-style dining room, a Chinese-style dining room and a western restaurant in Huadong Vineyard, which offer Chinese and Western food, such as French cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and special roast leg of lamb, to meet the demand of different party specifications and build the splendid banquet experience for you.

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