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Founder of Huadong Vineyard
Mr. Parry from the UK
Weaving dreams

n 1982, the 34-year-old Mr. Parry embarked on China's long closed land, and began to implement the dream of the "courageous" action. Having traveled all over China from north to south, Mr. Parry finally identified the best grape gold growth zone- Laoshan hinterland Jiulongpo, judging from the geographical location, climate conditions, and geological structure. As a result, he invested in the establishment of Qingdao Huadong Wine Co., Ltd.. Then, he introduced 42,000 strains of Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grmay and other grapes of 13 wine grape varieties in total from France, which were planted in Jiulongpo and Pingdu Daze Mount grape base.

Mr. Berry almost put all his energy into the wine business. From 1985 to 1986, he came from Hong Kong to the winery almost once every month. Every time her brought a lot of foreign books and pictures about planting and brewing technology, and sent them to the enterprise management one by one; after off the plane, he didn’t go to the reserved hotel, but first to see his vineyard, and he personally weeded, pruned, and paid attention to the growth of each strain of grapes.


At the end of 1986, Mr. Parry led the company to successfully produce the first bottle of wine. Huadong Vineyard production "Riesling" and "Chardonnay" dry white won the honor in Bordeaux International Wine Exposition and Brussels world elite wine competitions, and was included in the "World Encyclopedia of wine."


To create a pastoral-style winery, to provide aristocratic service, to inherit noble quality of European aristocratic family, to merge the legendary oriental culture, to brew real winery boutique wines, all of these are Mr. Parry's entrepreneurial vision and also the Core content of Huadong Wine Company brand culture. The dream of hope of the British has been achieved with perseverance and diligence, and now on the Jiulongpo, a British person's tombstone, quietly overlooks the foot of the winery. Huadong Vineyard becomes more and more prominent after years of baptism and generation after generation of Huadong People make the winery full of vigor and vitality!

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